Does it heal or act as a temporary relief?

If it was not for the drugs would I still be here? Would I be able to write this for you?

Objectively, no.

They say drugs, any kinds of drugs from cigarette to lean or heroine, will eventually kill you, some more slowly than others. But on the other side of the coin, its the drugs that will let me go on and try to leave my mark on the world before leaving it.

Its just temporary relief though if I have to be honest. Its just a hit for an hour or two of sanity to be able to calm the screams in my head and focus on my legacy. Yes, this anthology is one of them, and yes it does take a toll on my sanity from times to times. But Melancholies is the least of the worries for which I know that no drugs can heal, if anything can ever heal.

Again, I reiterate my question,

Should my search for sanity be that destructive?


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