Memento Mori

Ex nihilo

in nihilum

‘From nothing to nothing’, is basically a summary of any individual’s life. More precisely, our consciousness comes from a void and returns to the same plane. Then we are faced with a choice of how to live our life, how to make something out of nothing.

Memento mori

Memento vivere

‘Remember you must die, so remember to live’, is one way to consider our mortality. It was taught to me by a friend, and indeed when we consider the implications, we can live our fullest and create something meaningful from the void we were given so that when we fade away we lived a life.

On the other hand, why not surpass mortality?

Maybe it is a God complex I developed, however I feel that the saying should have been ‘Remember you must die, so therefore leave your mark.’

Surpass your mortality by leaving behind memories for you to be missed, or even adored, why not?


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