“All of the stars have a reason,

A reason to shine,

A reason like mine,

And I'm falling to pieces”

- Lil Peep - 

Crash landing on the moon or in your arms, tell me the difference?

The moon, a distant place where time floats at a different speed, where cold is outside our scope of understanding, where all you are left with is dust and desolation. I repeat myself, tell me the difference?

Losing interest

It is such a subjective and contemplative concept that is the source of many scars. One day you are the top priority and the next you are a lost interest. You do not really notice however when you are the one who lost interest in yourself, you care more about the other person. You do not seem to realize that you are falling to pieces, you keep shining on your remaining light on that star, hoping that it will be shinning enough for the two of you.


It will never be enough for the 2 of you, because there is no 2 of you. There are stars, and there is me. You, me, him, her, why care what pronoun I am using? I am the you and you are the me, we are the lightless. Allow me to break to pieces so you can shine on, and share your light with who you wish, although I am no more part of the wish.


I lost interest, so I will look up to the stars and keep my questions flowing. Melancholies is me, it is my essence, and hopefully Melancholies will allow one more light to shine through.


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