Are we living to die?

Or dying to live?

Intriguing, isn’t it? How our lives can go from one end of the spectrum to the other in a heartbeat, in an utterance. Let us consider the above, why do we live?

This changes from one point of your life to the other, sometimes drastically. As for me, you get the gist by now, I’m a wreck. I had to smother the reason for which I carried on throughout these arduous years, thinking that if I can kill the fire there will be light. But then again, fire is not the only light source I said to myself, I will eventually find a full moon that will guide me without consuming every inch of my being.

It was dark. The darkness was suffocating and confining so I went to the wise man. Pop some candies he said, 3 per day to become a happy person. Happy?

3 per day to become devoid of any attachments, 3 per day to become numb, 3 per day to kill your ego and return to the masses.

So, I extend my hand to you, will you offer me an accord to get out of this, or will you drag me to the masses? I leave my reasons in your hand, do what you will, but I’m tired…


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