Monday, January 10, 2022


 They say do good and karma will reward you, do bad and karma will punish you.

But who decide what is good and bad, who deserves punishment or not? How are we expected to live under the threat of punishment by some astral figure? 

What if instead life is just a circle of pain and rest and karma is a human construction of a moral code? 

The boy lived some hard times, getting his soul ripped slowly away, tear ducts like a desert and the heart going numb with pain. He wishes for it to be over one way or the other, seeking an eternal cure for pain.

Then come a moment of rest, where the pain goes on a hiatus and the boy learns to smile again. The smile is so fake however..

What is the use of smiling if the circle starts all over again and the pain comes back and hits even harder, and it will eventually come as we are mere pawns of a higher power. Acting out a play for the sickening enjoyment of someone, or something. 

Thus the boy smile not, but close his eyes and accept the fate to come.

If the goal of his life is to be in pain, let pain be his oxygen. He will not complain, he will not lash out, he will only write so that one day his close ones can understand his actions.

Seek not answers while reading, but open your mind to questions. 

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